Jen started her career in higher education, as a marketing and assessment librarian in New York City where she drew connections between organizational strategy and user experience. She has a passion and a talent for research with a human focus. Jen's curiosity, analytical sensibilities, and instinct for meaningful communication help her uncover and share stories that make an impact.

Jen is also a passionate advocate for the infertility community. She blogged throughout her infertility and family building journey, and continues to speak out about the disease of infertility, women's health, and patient rights. She has brought her talents to representing the infertility community with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association as both the Co-Chair of Advocacy Day and a Peer-led Support Group leader. Jen believes that bringing women together to speak out about their infertility has the power to change how this disease is lived, understood, and treated.

Today, Jen teaches Kripalu yoga in Beacon, NY and is the founder of Two Trees Yoga. She believes that yoga offers a healing modality that is available to every person, and can be especially beneficial for those living with chronic illness.