I recently went off my NuvaRing (hormonal birth control via a vaginal ring, rather than a daily pill) for about ten days, and things are kind of a mess. I went off it initially to have baseline blood work drawn with my new doctor (which we got on day 4 of my "cycle"). Then, due to a series of events that included my insurance company, doctors, and general life stuff, I didn't get to pick up my prescription until a week later. Meaning I was off hormones for about 10 days, total.  

By then, I was in pain. Everything in my abdomen felt tight and swollen. By day 9 I was starting to feel the same symptoms I used to when I was menstruating (which, of course, I don't do anymore). Cramps, heaviness in my abdomen, bowel discomfort, joint pain, muscle tiredness, urinary pain. I could feel my ovaries tingling in a way I haven't felt since I was taking fertility medications. My right ovary hurt

It's really remarkable how many of my pain symptoms were *not* from my uterus, but from all of the other organs and tissues affected by the endo. I knew this would be the case, and that removing the uterus was not a magic solution to my pain. But, after a year of continuous hormonal suppression via birth control, I was shocked to feel these symptoms back in my body.

Mostly, however, I feel grateful. Grateful that my surgeon insisted that we continue to repress my hormones via birth control in order to quiet and attempt to control the growth and development of more endometriosis. I had no idea how I would feel off the hormones, and was curious to see how it would be. It's not good! My her-moans are evil!  I will stay on NuvaRing!

Now, we wait for the blood work results.