The Best of Beacon

Thus far, one of the very best parts of starting a small business has been creating opportunities to partner with other small businesses in the area. Beacon is fit-to-burst with generous, creative, talented, entrepreneurial professionals who seem excited to jump in and support yet another newbie. 

Here's a run-down of the fabulous folks I've had the pleasure to work with thus. Please take a moment to check them out.

Interested in partnering with Two Trees Yoga? Let's talk! 

Sacred Space
First and foremost, Sacred Space! My new home on Main Street, and the business of one Ms. Donna Brickwood. Donna has been on Main Street for seven years, is a genuinely skilled and caring healer, and a savvy business woman. Working with Donna has been inspirational and grounding, and I am thrilled and honored to share space with her. If you've never had a massage with Donna, do yourself a favor and book one today. I'm not kidding. 

Rabe and Company
Did you know that Beacon is home to an incredibly talented and successful design group that has an eye and a heart for supporting local businesses? Rabe and Co. has worked with businesses you know including The Roundhouse, Glynwood Farm, and Hudson Valley Compass. They welcomed me with open arms, brought their A-game to the design process, and absolutely slayed my branding and logo design. Not to be overlooked, Liz, Ken, and Leigh are also fun as heck to work with.

Jon Reichert
Speaking of sandwich boards... I had the pleasure of partnering with Jon Reichert to fabricate the sandwich board of my dreams. This amazingly talented local artist, and co-owner of Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, was ready and willing to listen to my vision and help bring it to life with simple, quality work. I am grateful for his skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, even on the smallest of jobs. I also really like his donuts. 

Fabhaus is home to another incredible artist and maker supporting local businesses by taking the time to create incredible, unique pieces. Ricardo at Fabhaus jumped in to help out with creating the custom-cut vinyl lettering for the sandwich board, and it couldn't have come out better.

(Ok, ok. Here's a picture of the damn sandwich board.)

Hudson Valley Fitness
Keith at Hudson Valley Fitness is another Beacon Main-Streeter with a solid history, fantastic reputation, and quality services. Keith helped me get my start by hiring me to teach yoga classes for his gym members. Since moving around the corner, Keith has been super supportive by partnering with Two Trees Yoga to offer discounts to his members when they're in need of a good stretch. 

LocoMotive CrossFit 
Similarly, Two Trees Yoga is proud to offer discounts to the members of LocoMotive CrossFit in Beacon. We're here when folks need a good, deep stretch on a day off from lifting tires and climbing ropes. Self-care and fitness are full-spectrum endeavors in this town, and we're thrilled to open our doors and welcome in aching muscles and sore joints.