Podcast Recommendations by Jen

This post is not about vaginas!

But, it is about people - some with vaginas (not that I've checked) - who make amazing podcasts in which they sometimes talk about vaginas. So, we're still on-brand. Don't fret. 

This topic comes up in my life every now and again, and it turns out that I am super passionate about listening to podcasts and always happy to give recommendations. Not into podcasts? Haven't tried them yet? I imagine that they're basically what the radio used to be like before it became all commercials and announcements and Justin Bieber. (Did you know that Biebs deleted his Instagram account today? I heard it on the radio. Blech.) Podcasts are so much better than radio. Or TV. (But not better than Netflix. Let's not get carried away.)

People tell stories on podcasts. People discuss things on podcasts. Podcasts will teach you about incredible and interesting things. Podcasts are crazy funny. You will feel less lonely and bored when you listen to podcasts. I listen every day--it's a steady stream of awesome in my life. So, here's a wonderful list of wonderful podcasts by wonderful people who keep me company throughout the day and teach me amazing things and make me laugh a lot. (In no particular order.) 

You can search for any of these on whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts, so I'm not linking. Also, I'm in a hurry. 

  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class: I LOVE THESE WOMEN. They are incredibly smart and witty and charming and entertaining, and damn can they tell a good story. Please please please listen to this podcast. I listen to it when trying to fall asleep because their intelligence soothes my very soul. 
  2. The Moth: True stories told by real people. Moving and amazing and perfect. I listen to this when I'm exhausted and can't do anything else, because it is deeply human and emotional and beautiful. 
  3. This American Life: Ira Glass is one of the best humans ever. 
  4. The Splendid Table: Obviously, I listen to this one while cooking. Endlessly fascinating bits about food, cooking, and eating. My three very favorite things. 
  5. Death, Sex & Money: Anna Sale is heaven. The interviews are intriguing and she takes on the topics that most of us push to the side. Super engaging and interesting. I listen to this one when the kiddo is napping and I can ponder a bit. 
  6. Lady to Lady: Three LA comedians telling it like it is, and hosting hilarious guests. If you're in the mood to max out on girl talk, this is the podcast. I listen to this one in the bathtub. For real. 
  7. 2 Dope Queens: An incredible comedy podcast by Pheobe Robinson and Jessica Willaims who are funny as hell all the time. Recorded in Brooklyn, each episode features stand up comedy sets by their hilarious friends. I listen to this one alone while cleaning kitchen. 
  8. Judge John Hodgman: The Judge tries cases submitted by listeners such as "My wife won't stop wearing Crocs in public" and "My boyfriend doesn't like Star Wars." Josh and I listen to this one when we have time to hang out and do nothing. (So, never.)  
  9. Serial: If you haven't heard about this one, maybe check out the internet sometime? No seriously, season one swept the nation last year, and is worth a listen or a re-listen. I awaited each subsequent episode with utmost anticipation and have been known to put the kiddo to bed early so I can listen. 
  10. There Goes The Neighborhood: A fascinating and important series that looks at realities of gentrification in Brooklyn, specifically through a racial lense. Such important work and listening. Please make time for this one.
  11. Josh Rutner's Album of the Week: Pure. Musical. Genius.
  12. Witch, Please: This is obviously about Harry Potter. I just started it today, and I am pretty delighted so far. I can listen to this one with the kiddo in the room, and answer adorable questions about what "Hogwarts" or "reducto" means.