Joining the conversation: "Baby Steps" with actress Elisabeth Rohm on HuffPostLIVE

Today, I was thrilled to join actress Elisabeth Rohm in a discussion about the challenges of infertility and IVF, and the devastating shock of learning that one won’t be able to conceive "the normal way.“ I love her message that women who know they want to parent should have conversations about fertility and family building with their ob/gyns on an annual basis. It’s not just about birth control, ladies! And, it’s never too early to bring fertility and conception up with your doctor. There are blood tests that can be done in any ob/gyn’s office that will help you learn about your body and your fertility.

I’m also pumped about her call to action through honesty. We all need to share our stories about struggling with infertility. It’s the only way to eliminate the shame, and break down stigmas surrounding our disease. Through sharing, we are educating and supporting other women in understanding the truth about having children.