Support RESOLVE's Advocacy Day!

If you can’t make it to DC on May 8th for RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day, fear not - you can advocate from anywhere! Your advocacy is always important, and will only help amplify what those in DC will be doing.

  1. Learn about the issues that RESOLVE will be advocating for on Advocacy Day. (These bills have not yet been introduced, so we don’t have the bill number for you yet. Stay tuned!)
  2. Learn how the legislative process works. (“I’m Just a Bill” is actually a good intro.) 
  3. Find out who your Senate and Congressional Representatives are.
  4. Follow your Reps on Twitter or Facebook.
  5. Write or call your Reps on Advocacy Day (May 8th!) in support of our issues.
  6. Ask your supporters and followers to write or call their Reps on Advocacy. We want every office on Capital Hill to hear about infertility on Advocacy Day!
  7. Blog about why Advocacy Day is important to you, and what you’re doing to support RESOLVE’s issues.
  8. Follow RESOLVE on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram (@resolveorg). 
  9. Follow your fellow advocates on social media, and help them amplify their messages on Advocacy Day. Likes, RTs, and online support can make help a difference! 

RESOLVE will have more on how you can support Advocacy Day soon!