You Need a New Doctor

You know that thing where you go to the doctor with an infertile lady problem, and they’re all like “you seem young and healthy, and I don’t really believe you, or know much about ‘down there,’ so I’m just going to belittle you and then send you on your way, co-pay please?”

Yeah. I thought so. 

This happens to me, a fabulous infertile lady, on the regular. And, it’s really annoying. And, it actually results in me not getting the health care that I need. And, it’s sorta messed up. So, I started a Tumblr. (Because Tumblr solves problems people. It does. I swear.) In all seriousness, I hope we can get some attention with this project, because something has to change. Now.

Please pop over to You Need a New Doctor, follow along, read some horrifying/heart breaking/hilarious stories about the absolute nonsense medical professionals say to women with infertility. Even better, submit a story! (There’s info on the blog on how to do this.)

Thanks again, friends.